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Where I Live and Walk My Dog

Where I Live and Walk My Dog

In my sermons I often refer to walking my dog in the neighbor’s garden. I am thankful to have access to about 10 acres of open space where I do a lot of walking and praying on a daily basis.

On our walks we see lots of different kinds of animals. There are owls, herons, skunks, possums, chickens, ducks, rabbits, woodpeckers, hawks, lizards, frogs, crawfish, raccoons, and coyotes. The caretaker of the gardens has seen a bobcat on several occasions.

There is a creek running through the property that flows year round. Bella loves to take in all of the smells and I enjoy the scenery and animals. I also enjoy talking to the children who live on the property – they often accompany me on my walks and I ask them about what they are learning in school and what books they are reading.

Peking Ducks


   Bella near the brick path


I also like cactus and succulents. Here is my little cactus garden and my back patio where I like to sit and read my Bible in the morning.

This is another part of my back/side yard. The tea tree shrubs and roses were blooming beautifully one morning.







Here are a couple of indoor photos.

Our living room at Christmas time – Elizabeth really likes to decorate things. Bella seems to like the tree.









Here is a remodel project – I tore out a ‘wet bar’ sink and mirror and turned it into bookshelves. I also built a closet on the opposite side. It took about a year since I had to fit it into very small portions of time. I also tore out the bathroom sink and put in a new one.