Membership/Church Growth

Our objective is to encourage members of the community to join our fellowship and share the good news of Jesus Christ. We reach out to the community through advertising, word of mouth, and community programs. First time visitors to our church are provided 'gift bags' containing material about our church and family.
We plan and assist the pastor in conducting new member classes and offer 2 or 3 new classes each year. The classes provide a brief summary of the Presbyterian faith, what we believe, who and what we are, and what we propose to do. We follow up with each new member to insure that they are aware of all church programs in addition to worship. We assist them in finding places of fellowship and areas where they have interest in services to God, our community and the world.

Information BoothInformation booth

Information packets about Westminster Presbyterian Church are available for first-time visitors at the Information Booth located in the Narthex just inside the front door of the Sanctuary. The packets, contained in colored 'gift bags', include a brochure with details of our church family and programs, a copy of the WestPres (our monthly newsletter), a brief bio of our Pastor, Bible marker, gift cards, and other mementos. Please pick-up one of these bags, located on top of the booth, either before or after Sunday service. Fliers and other current church material are also  provided, Audio CDs of recent sermons are also available in the Narthex and are available for download from this website, Our Elders, Deacons and Ushers are available to assist you or answer any questions you may have.