Health Ministry

The health ministry at Westminster Presbyterian Church, led by our health Ministry Council, is focused on both healing and health, combining the traditions of the Christian community and the knowledge and tools of modern health care.  The Health Ministry’s role is to enhance the quality of life and wellness for all age groups in the congregation. Wellness is accomplished through personal health counseling, health education and screenings, patient advocacy and referrals. The ministry provides the following services and events for our congregation:
  • Provides5-6 Blood Pressure screens a year
  • Provides flu shots to the congregation/community once a year
  • Offers Healthy Snack Sunday during Fellowship twice a year
  • Provides resources, children material, healthy recipes and health literature at the information table 8 times a year
  • Holds 1-2 health education workshops a year
  • Provides follow-up care and support to members who have experienced the death of a loved one
  • Holds a Remembrance Service in November for members, family and friends who have lost someone
  • Follow-up calls or cards are sent to those listed in the bulletin’s Prayer Request section
  • Organize and promote a 6-week walking program
  • Be a presence after services for people who have health care questions or in need of a referral
  • Collect and loan out health equipment as needed
  • Visit members in hospital, nursing homes and shut-ins

The Health Ministry has the following specific needs:

  • Input from membership as to health areas where information is needed and support can be given
  • Donation of workable health equipment when no longer needed
  • Share resources with Council of services/support you have personally experienced
  • Serve on Health Ministry Council

Areas where you can help:

  • Assist with sign-ups & promotion of programs or workshops
  • Provide snacks for special events
  • Assist with health screenings/flu shot clinics
  • Visit shut-ins and hospitalized
Our health ministry is a living witness of the healing activity of God through our congregation, encouraging whole-person health through integration of body, mind and spirit, increased self-knowledge and personal responsibility.

Please contact Bonnie Sanchez, Health Ministry Council chairperson, at our church office 760-745-3225 for further information or assistance.