The Finance/Stewardship committee is called to assist the members and attendees at Westminster Presbyterian Church in making disciples of Jesus and being in mission to others. That call cannot be accomplished without providing a sound financial program. We are reminded that the reason for giving is to share what God has given each of us in order to grow in faith and thereby help the Church fulfill its sacred mission. To accomplish this objective, the Finance/Stewardship committee is responsible for the following:
  • Preparing the annual budget to present to Session and to the congregation for approval.
  • Implementing the stewardship campaign to inform the congregation of the financial needs of the church and teach the joy and blessings of giving.
  • Monitoring expenditures to ensure that budgets are not overspent.
  • Identifying ways to use financial resources more efficiently in concert with the church’s mission.
  • Reporting regularly to the Session concerning the current status of the financial health of the church.
  • Employing auditors to examine the church’s financial documents on an annual basis.
  • Reviewing the audit to determine if any policy changes or financial practice changes are needed.
  • Ensuring that the church’s property is properly insured and protected.
  • Reviewing the income and expenditures of the church monthly and taking any actions necessary to ensure solvency.
  • Attending to other financial issues as requested by the Pastor and Session.

WPC 2013 Annual Report 

The Westminster Presbyterian Church 2013 Annual Report is available for your review in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Office format by selecting the appropriate link below.

2014 Annual Report