EndowmentWestminster Presbyterian Church has an established endowment fund within the PCUSA  Foundation. The Foundation is committed to working with donors and clients according to their needs and circumstances in order to help build, grow, preserve and provide financial resources in ways that maximize impact on their chosen mission or ministry. The donors of the funds specify the end use of the income from these funds. The WPC Endowment Committee, consisting of elected members of the Congregation, Elders and Deacons, is responsible for encouraging the congregation to contribute to the Endowment Fund and for the management the investment and distribution of endowment fund income. In general, the fund income is not used for the annual operating budget of WPC. The current WPC endowment funds are:
  • General Endowment Fund
  • Toso Sanctuary Fund
  • CEM Youth Fund
  • Byert Flower Fund
  • Peacemaking Fund
  • Seminary Fund
  • Byrom/Hardisty ScholarshipFund
  • Weir Music Fund
Each fund name indicates how the income is primarily used and is consistent with enhancing the mission outreach of Westminster Presbyterian Church. The committee communicates with the congregation on a quarterly basis regarding the nature and importance of the Endowment Fund. It also conducts a periodic workshop on estate planning by hosting a representative from the PCUSA Foundation.

If you have any questions regarding these funds or would like to make a contribution to the funds, please contact Dennis Schepman, Chairman at the church office.