What to expect when you visit

Different churches do things in different ways. We figure, the more you know what to expect at our church, the more comfortable you'll feel when you come. Here's some information you might want to know as you anticipate a visit to WPC.

What should I wear?

At WPC you'll find people dressed in slacks, blue jeans, tailored suits, dresses and everything in between! Whatever is most comfortable for you is fine with us. You may find that those who worship at our Traditional Service are a little more formal in their attire, while those who worship at one of our Contemporary Services are a bit more casual. But we're not really as interested in what you wear as we are in you --so, please, just come as yourself.

What will the music be like?

It depends. Not everyone has the same taste in music, so we offer 2 different venues for you to choose from:
If you appreciate traditional Christian choruses and hymns, accompanied by the organ and other classical instruments, you'll enjoy our Traditional Service at 10:45am
On the other hand, if you enjoy a more blended service with a contemporary praise band, then you should check out our Contemporary Service.
The message is essentially the same at all of our services. We simply vary the music style to allow different kinds of people to worship God in the way that best suits them.

What about the rest of the worship service?

Our worship services feature practical messages of hope that are designed to impact your life in a real way. We encourage you to bring a Bible, but if you don't have one, or forget to, we have plenty of them in the pews. When you arrive for worship, we'll provide you with a helpful outline or church bulletin with room for sermon notes. Usually the main bible passages are listed so you can follow along and make notes.

On the first weekend of the month, our church worships God through a special activity called Communion. Communion is a symbolic reminder of Jesus and his sacrifice for humankind on the cross. It is something that Jesus asked his followers to do together regularly, so that they would not forget the incredible lengths to which God went to be able to have a personal relationship with us. If you are a believer in Jesus, we welcome you to join us in worshiping through Communion. If you are still examining the claims of Jesus and haven't yet taken the step of beginning a personal relationship with Him, we ask you not to participate, but to use the time to reflect on what you are learning in your journey of faith.

Will an offering be taken?

The short answer is: yes. Do we want you to give? No. Here's why: Giving from our income is another important way for those who call WPC their "church home" to worship God. These gifts are then used to support the ministries and missions of our church.
Since you are a guest of our church, we don't don't want you to give anything. Instead, we want you to receive something --something encouraging and life-changing-- from your visit to Westminster.

What should I do with my kids?

Children are always welcome in our worship services.  We have kids’ activity packs and kids’ books available for use during the service. You can get these items from the book shelf to your left as you enter the Narthex/Lobby.  For those who would like additional programming and instruction, we offer:

Professional nursery care for ages 0-2 is available for both services. Or, attached to the sanctuary, a family room with speakers and large windows is available for your convenience. 

At our 9am service kids ages 3 and up worship with their parents and then are dismissed for our children's Sunday school program after the singing time. Ages 3-fifth grade are welcome to attend Sunday school.

During the 10:45am service there is children’s church for Ages 3-fifth grade beginning at 10:45am. Sign children in before the start of service or youth/adult Sunday school.